TWSMRT All the latest news from the Teesdale and Weardale Search and Moutain Rescue Team Callout 29/08/14 Callout 22/08/14 Team assisted North East Ambulance Service with evacuation of casualty with serious injuries over difficult terrain in the Grassholme Reservior area. Callout 20/08/14 Team called out at 17.45 to search for a high risk female missing from home. Less than 30 mins after start of search the missing women was found in woodland by a mountain rescue search dog. Casualty carried to NEAS ambulance by team members. Callout 18/08/14 Callout 09/08/14 The team were fundraising with a street collection in our home town to raise funds. A message came in from one of our search dog handlers who had been at the street collection on the morning and was now exercising his dog at the Demeses, to say that his dog had found an elderly gentleman, collapsed in a ditch away from the main path and about ten metres from a fence. The team dispatched three team members including an advanced casualty carer to his location while recalling our team land-rover with our equipment from another fundraising event at Winston. The gentleman was treated and monitored, while team members set up for a stretcher carry to a position accessible for a road ambulance. The casualty was handed over to a NEAS road ambulance and the gentleman was taken to hospital. Press Release: 22/08/14 - RESCUE TEAM ASSIST AMBULANCE SERVICE Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team were called out this afternoon (Friday) to assist the Ambulance Service in the recovery of an injured fisherman. Steve Owers Deputy Team Leader said "Just after lunch we received a call from North East Ambulance Service to ask for assistance to recover a fisherman who was injured at Grassholme Reservoir in Teesdale. The elderly gentleman had fallen at the waters edge onto a rock and injured his back. When we arrived 2 NEAS paramedics and the North East Air Ambulance were in attendance. The gentleman who was in a lot of pain was given pain relief by the paramedics and 5 Team members put him on our stretcher and carried him along the bankside to the ambulance." Steve Owers Press Officer 07876 132030 22/08/14 1605hrs Press Release: 10/08/14 - RESCUE DOG NEVER OFF DUTY A mountain rescue search dog who along with her handler is a member of Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team made a great find yesterday even though she was not searching for a casualty. Tony High the handler said "Isla my 5 year old border collie had been with me and my family helping with the Team street collection in Barnard Castle on Saturday morning. After a couple of hours I took her for a walk along the river bank in the Demenes area of the town. At one point Isla disappeared into dense undergrowth and started to bark as she returned to me. The way she did this was an indication to me that she had made a find. I followed her over a fence and into the undergrowth to discover an elderly man lying in a ditch near the river." Pete Bell Team leader said "When Tony and Isla found the elderly gentleman he immediately contacted the Team. We sent 2 team members and one of our advanced medics to the scene. The gentleman was very confused and had sustained a head and chest injuries. The advanced casualty carer monitored the gentleman while team members set up for a stretcher carry to a position accessible for a road ambulance and handed him over the NEAS ambulance crew. Tony, his partner and 2 children did a great job in looking after the man before we arrived. I have no doubt that had search dog Isla and Tony not found the gentleman away from the well trodden paths he would have been there for some considerable time, if not over-night, and he would have been in a much more serious condition than when he was found. We understand that the gentleman was beside the river picking up rubbish" INFORMATION Tony and Isla completed a two year training and assessment programme organised by The Search and Rescue Dog Association (SARDA) in 2012. In 2013 they spent 4 days in North Wales assisting police and other Mountain Rescue Teams in the search for the missing school girl April Jones. The difference between mountain rescue search dogs and other search dogs is that mountain rescue dogs search for any human air scent where other dogs tend to track an individual's scent along the ground. In ideal conditions the dogs can pick up this scent up to 1/2km from the casualty. Photos: Tony and Isla 003 - Tony and Isla soon after she qualified in 2012 Tony and Isla A - Tony and Isla Steve Owers Press Officer 07876 132030 10/08/14 1515hrs Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team are affiliated to Mountain Rescue England and Wales. We provide a Search and Rescue service throughout County Durham and beyond, primarily for the Police but also for the other emergency services. All Team members are volunteers and we rely on monies raised by ourselves as a registered charity to run the Team. Further details regarding our latest callouts and Team information can be found on our website Press Release: 06/08/14 - NEW VEHICLE FOR RESCUE TEAM NEW VEHICLE FOR RESCUE TEAM Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team have just taken delivery of a new Landrover to add to their existing fleet of a Control Vehicle and a older Landrover. The Team, who are all volunteers, cover the whole of County Durham as well as the Eastern side of the Pennines including Cross Fell the highest peak in the Pennine range. Not only do they search for and rescue lost walkers but a substantial part of their job is searching semi urban areas for missing children, dementia sufferers and people who are depressed and may want to harm themselves. Pete Bell Team Leader said "We have been fundraising for 3 years in order to buy and convert this vehicle. We have had over 50 donations both large and small. The main contributors have been Durham University Charity Kommittee (DUCK) and Glaxo Smith Kline family day with many smaller donations from individuals and groups who have put on specific events in aid of the Team." "The Landrover has been converted to meet our particular needs. While it will normally carry 5 personnel plus a great deal of our equipment it has been adapted so that 2 of the rear seats can be removed and a stretcher can be loaded quickly into the rear of the vehicle. Unlike with our old Landrover there is now space for our medics to work on the casualty while they are being transported. We also have a built in patient monitoring device. We have also had a role cage fitted to improve the safety of Team members. Training of Team members with the vehicle is currently ongoing and it should be available for callouts in the next few weeks." The Teams old Landrover will now be used primarily to transport Team members especially when there is a need for a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Photos Mobile1 - Andy Neill (left) and Pete Bell (right) with new vehicle Mobile2 - Andy Neill (left) and Pete Bell (right) with new vehicle Mobile3 - Loading stretcher into new vehicle Steve Owers Press Officer 07876 132030 06/08/14 1000hrs Press Release: 31/07/14 - RESCUE TEAM TREAT INJURED WALKER Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team were called out this afternoon (Thursday) after a report a man had fallen and injured himself on the banks of the River Tees. Steve Owers, Deputy Team Leader said "We were contacted around 15:30 by North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) to ask if we could conduct a search after they had received a 999 call to say a young man had fallen somewhere near Winston Bridge nr Barnard Castle and injured his leg but they did not have a location for him. 11 of our mountain rescue volunteers attended and we started to search up and down stream from the bridge. We soon located 2 young ladies who told us it was their friend who had been injured. At that point a car pulled up with the injured young man in the back seat. It transpires that he had fallen and injured his leg. With the help of his friends he used a stick as a splint and made his way up a very steep bank to a caravan site where a member of the public transported him to our location. Our advanced medic gave him pain relief and splinted his leg before the arrival of the NEAS ambulance." Photo - Casualty being given treatment by Mountain Rescue medic (permission give by casualty and his friend in picture to use photo) Steve Owers Press Officer 07876 132030 31/07/14 1945hrs Press Release: 17/07/14 - FAREWELL TO FOUNDER MEMBER OF RESCUE TEAM FAREWELL TO FOUNDER MEMBER OF RESCUE TEAM A founder member of a local mountain rescue team has sadly passed away after a heroic battle against Mesothelioma. Chris Scott from Spennymoor joined Upper Teesdale and Weardale Fell Rescue Association when it was formed in 1968 which went on to become Teesadale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team in the 90's. Since 1998 he has been the treasurer of the Team. Former team leader Alan Best said "Chris made an outstanding contribution to the team, he was the sort of person who worked away in the background and who you knew you can rely upon to do a good job. Chris has left his mark in a number of areas within the Team as well as attending callouts, he produced a computer based data logging system to record our incidents which was adopted by other mountain rescue teams, he managed our associate members for many years and with his wife Kathleen attended the majority of our street collections what ever the weather. Chrisís most lasting legacy for the Team is its base in Barnard Castle, named the The Chris Scott Search and Mountain Rescue Centre in his honour. Chris was a major participant in the 2002 appeal to raise the £150,000 funds to build the base and was totally committed to monitoring the fundraising to ensure we had sufficient funds to build and run a permanent home for the team, its vehicles and equipment. Over the years Chris played such an important role in taking the team from a group of poorly equipped, beg-steal and borrow enthusiasts, to the impressive highly trained, sophisticatedly equipped group that it is today." Present Team Leader Pete Bell said " Chris's wife Kathleen said he fought his illness with great courage and determination and those word sum up how we felt about Chris within the Team. It is perhaps fitting that Chris's last journey on Friday will be in one of the vehicles belonging to the Team which was such a big part of his life for over 50 years." Photo - Chris and Kathleen Scott at naming of The Chris Scott Search and Mountain Rescue Centre Steve Owers Press Officer 07876 132030 17/07/14 10:30hrs