TWSMRT All the latest news from the Teesdale and Weardale Search and Moutain Rescue Team Callout 25/07/16 Team involved in a large scale search for a missing 65 year old woman with advanced dementia from Esh Winning. The search was strongly driven by public sightings at Broom Park, Stone Bridge and The Cock of the North, and finally stood down when a member of the public identified the missing lady heading towards Haswell Plough. Callout 17/07/16 Team asked to search Carrs Nature Reserve for a missing person. Callout 10/07/16 Team were consulted by Durham Police and went onto standby for a missing person from the Stanhope area. Team stood down after further information from the Police. Callout 01/07/16 Team called to a female with a head injury near the river Tees above Low Force. NEAS medics found the casualty as team members assembled and assessed and treated the injuries. The Casualty was walked out. Callout 30/06/16 TWSMRT were called to search for a 31 year old, male missing from his home at Blackhall Colliery since Tuesday. We search areas in the Denes adjacent to his house. Unfortunately nothing was found, and further enquires are on-going by Durham Police.