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Team called on Sunday afternoon to an eledery walker collapsed on the Pennine Way south of Middleton in Teesdale. The casualty and the remainder of hi...
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The Team use a purpose built database to log almost everything associated with a callout. The database runs under Microsoft Access on a laptop usually located in our control vehicle. The database is easy to use and can be picked up in about an hour by anyone familiar with computers. In our control vehicle we have a permanent screen set up so the search controller can also see what has been recorded.

The database is initiated by entering basic details of the callout - for example time and location. Details of the missing person (or persons) can then be entered. Comments put in the jotter are on screen all the time.

The most used part of the database is the radio log - the Team can record who the message was from and to and details of what was said along with an automatic time stamp. Significant events can also be highlighted in the remarks space.

The database can record details of pager messages sent, call-signs in use and much more.

The database can also be used to record details of interviews with relatives and police. We can also record details of Team personnel and the police officers on scene.

At the end of the search reports are printed for each aspect of the log. These are passed onto the police and copy stored for team records.

Copies of our Team database are available to other Search and Rescue Teams in exchange for a small donation. A concise set of instructions is available here. Please contact us for more details.